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¿Remove a Tattoo is
a painful procedure?

It's a little uncomfortable but not
painful so much as made
tattooing and is much faster.

How much will cost
remove a tattoo?

This depends on the
size and type of tattoo.

How safe is laser hair removal?
FDA and CE approved laser hair removal as a safe way to reduce hair.

Is there any risk involved
with laser hair removal?

FDA and CE approved laser
hair removal as a safe method.
In fact, the daily solar exposure has been reported be more harmful
for the humans than the laser.
. laser


Welcome to the official website of the Medical Laser Center of Morelos. You can be informed about our activities and services on this site. We have the best solutions to their health problems here in Medical Laser Center of Morelos.

We specialize in medical and aesthetic treatments through this new cutting edge technology, the laser.

We have the medical protocols and technology to meet the standards of medical excellence that you and your family deserve.

We are the number one in the State of Morelos because we are always updating our methods and Techniques to better service our costumers.

Who are we?

We are a medical unit specializing in the treatment of disorders of the skin or any others diseases of your body with laser.

Medical Laser Center was born 14 years ago in Morelos, Mexico; we introduced the laser technology in the country. This technology was developed in 1960 and its use has been approved by all agencies of global health for its safety, efficacy and no side effects.

We are offering dermatological procedures, physical rehabilitation, neurological, general surgery and Proctology, in the field of Phlebology. This is more effective, safe, accurate and affordable to treat with laser.

We have experience of medical protocols and technology to achieve standards of medical excellence that you deserve.

Our Methods

It is true that in Medical Laser Center we specialize in diseases of the skin with laser.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, skills, professionalism and academic development of our staff, Medical Laser Center is able to solve other problems do not necessarily have to do with the laser.

Medical Laser Center has specialized units to engage in all the procedures that you are offering.

Diseases and / or conditions that are solved Medical Laser Center: Diabetic foot ulcers, First degree Burns - Second degree Burn, Varicose ulcer, Contusions, Back Sprains– Column, Post – surgical wound healing, Herniated disc, Radiculopathy, Knee problems, Peripheral facial palsy, Vasectomy, Varicose veins, Trigeminal neuralgia, Hemorrhoids, Circumcision, Foto – Facial, Hair Removal, Warts removal, Tattoo Removal, Mesotherapy, Removal of acne scars, skin snowy, sun spots, callosities, and skin tumors.  General Medicine, General Surgery, Gastroenterology and emergency of any kind, among others.

What is laser?

The laser light is a unidirectional (i.e. not scattered) and very intense monochromatic, which means that its strength is concentrated in only one point, and thus, the specialist can guide the beam of light towards the area to treat accurately then we can get the result we want to achieve. 

Not all lasers are equal depending on the operating wavelength on the skin in any way as it can be absorbed or reflected by the skin.

The lasers used in medicine, has various features, from reduce swollen, remove pain, regenerate tissue, eliminate any injury or disease of the skin, etc. All are designed to impact on certain common structures in a selective, respecting the peripheral tissues.

Therefore it should be noted that the laser does not have harmful effects, side effects or harmful to health. Your application must be made by medical staff trained and experienced.




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